A few design tweaks

07 November 2005

Regulars will notice the slight change to the layout and feel that I've just made. This site is back to what it always used to be --- a blog. Pure and simple. Actually, the reason this completely unscheduled change has just been made, is probably worth mentioning. In short, while doing a little bit of server tidying, I came across the first mock-up I ever made of this 'Audi inspired' design. It looked pretty much like what you're looking at now. I took one look at it and thought, hmm... that's rather nice, why the hell did I spoil that by adding the side bar and all the extras? This is particularly relevant due to the fact that I never even used the side bar. The external links where all "Lorem ipsum', and for some reason the 'latest post' loop wasn't populating. Basically, it was a complete waste of space. So, it's gone - and I'm back to a similar concept as in the previous design, dubbed 'Industrial Minimalist' by John Oxton. Anyway, I like minimalist --- if you've got fuck all content it really is the way to go.