Designing Live

05 June 2004

Thanks for some of the nice commentsabout this site. The WordPress community, which I think is the majority of my visitors at the moment, seem like a pleasant and encouraging bunch. Still totally at a loss with what to do with the side bar here at The Dredge. I am playing around with offering a DOM based style switcher, allowing users to choose between two or three styles of the side bar, and seeing which proves most popular. I am quite happy with the rest of the design so far, and once I have tied the side bar into the overall feel, I think I will be well on the way to possibly having a finished Web site! Implementing a site design while the site is live is quite an interesting concept. I remember Zeldmandoing it a few years back, and thinking it was a very bizzare affair. In hindsight, I imagine he found it quite exciting, and no doubt received hundreds of thoughts from visitors during the redesign with their individual opinions and ideas. Having the time to mull many concepts and notions for a design is not something Web developers are generally used to. Many projects tend to end up with some deadline or other looming dangerously close, and time to sit on a problem or mull over a concept is often unavailable. I have enjoyed, and indeed, am enjoying, the 'no pressure' aspect of The Dredge's development. For example, yesterday I added the little 'Dredge the Archives:' image replacement for the search interface. Yes, that's all I did. Anyway, having said all that, you probably realise I would encourage comments about any aspect of the site's design. Infact I would like them very much, as I have no strong feelings about where to go with the design, and will probably mull things over for a good few weeks before making any more changes. Isn't that great. I'll just wait and see what springs to mind... no pressure.