Esssential dashboard widgets

05 June 2005

Two weeks into working with Mac OSX Tiger (yep, I'm a switcher!) and I had barely even glanced at the much hyped dashboard environment. My initial thoughts about it at that point were:
  1. Why is it seperated from the rest of my desktop? Why not run widgets alongside already open applications?
  2. Why are the widgets completely useless and crap?
  3. What the hell is all the fuss about? These are basically bookmarklets with a poncy interface.
Only after spending a bit of time searching through Apple's widget showcasehave I come across a few widgets that might actually make my life easier. This widget brings the handy power of TinyURL.comto your desktop (well, one key away from your desktop anyway). As someone who regularly works with the most mind-bending URL's, I am a fairly regular visitor to TInyURL, and this little beauty just makes that process a little bit simpler... and cooler. I don't watch a lot of TV, but it's not a rare event for me to want to look up the start times of various sporting occasions. Having this on my dashboard just makes that process quicker, easier, and --- dare I say it --- cooler. The final widget I have come to found useful (so far) is this UK Train Guide. Not much use for planning journeys for future days, but good to confirm little details shortly before leaving to catch a train.

What have I missed?

What widgets do you have on your dashboard? I'm talking useful ones, that get jobs done in a simple and easy way - not just ones that are clever for the sake of it, but ultimately pointless. I've seen plenty of them thanks.