Google Page Rank

12 January 2005

A while back (in my younger, less carefree days) I installed the Google Tool Bar in Internet Explorer as a way of checking Page Rankfor various bits and pieces. Today I was doing a bit of testing in IE and I noticed that The Dredge had a Page Rank (PR) of 5. Now forgive me if I'm massively under informed about how this works, but I have always been under the impression that PR was dished out on the basis of incoming links. Well my question is this... What the heck incoming links have I got on a weblog that is effectively 1 month old? Okay, I've got a few from various blogs I've commented on, and Johnwas kind enough to link in his 'elsewheres', but that can't be enough to propel me to PR 5. Can it? I was further amused when I headed over to UsableTypeto see what lofty heights I might have aspired to there. It had PR 4. Less than this place. So, a site which pulled 80,000 visits in its first month, with links from the likes of Dave, Net Diver, Microsoft, Typographica... well, you get the idea. Weird. Furthermore, noticing a large influx of googlers in the stats at UsableType, I was interested, and quite chuffed, to discover this. My sIFR article, with an awe inspiring PR of 0 (yes, zero), ranked above Dave's articleon the same, with a PR of 6! How the heck does Page Rank work, and is it still relevant to anything? My experience tells me not. Anyone noticed any similar occurences, or did you all give up on it years ago?