Hack on

17 June 2007

It's coming up to five O'Clock in the morning at Alexandra Palace. I'm still going stong to be honest, but I know I'm going to be frazzled in about 12 hours time.

There's still a fair few fellow hackers up and working, but plenty of others scattered around the floor and the walls of the West Hall. Most trying to leverage two odd shaped bean-bags into various sleeping tools.

The atmosphere has been great all afternoon and evening. It was clear it was going to be a memorable day from the moment lightening struck the mast on top of the palace, accompanied by a huge explosion. The windows in the roof of the hall then proceeded to open and flood thousands of pounds of equipment with rain water. That was proceeded by a few hours of Wi-Fi free activities while BT fixed us up again.

Anyway, back to work for me. I'm building something. I've totally forgotten what it's meant to do though. It's got a database and a textfield I think. And some blue in it.

Update: It didn't have any blue in it (that was a weird thing going on with Richard's Mac Book screen), but it must have had something, as it was awarded the Yahoo! Most Useful Hack Award (or something like that). That was a bit of unexpected fun at the end of a very long and inspiring two days.