Hiding Styles from IE5 Mac

13 January 2005

I recently decided for the first time to hide a layout style sheet from IE5 Mac. I don't mean here, or at UsableType, where IE5 Mac visitors are less than 0.2% of the share (but are still delivered full styles). I mean on a commercial project (of which more in the next few days I hope). I didn't take the decision lightly, and it still bugs me a bit, because believe it or not, I actually use IE5 Mac myself regularly. Why's that... I hear you ask? Because I'm running OS 9.0 on an old G3 and it's the best bloody browser available. And that is my problem with hiding CSS from it. People that haven't upgraded to OS X are up a certain creek without a certain implement. My Mac handles Opera 6 about as deftly as Rogermight handle some large Wagnerian Meistersingers. It just doesn't cope. So I'm stuck with IE 5 when using the Mac. Of course, if I want to experience the full glory's of CSS 2.1 I can hop over to Windows XP. But what about the people that can't? It's not like asking them to upgrade to a better browser; now we're asking them to upgrade to a new machine! Yes, I know I'm still delivering full accessible content; but it just doesn't seem right that there's no better way to experience the web on OS 9 than with a browser that only supports CSS 1. Even Mozilla stopped supportingit. Poor old OS 9. I still love you.