Mac OS X 10.4.3: Tiger roars ahead

02 November 2005

Apple released the 2nd major upgrade to the OS X Tiger operating system on Tuesay, and after reading reports of generally good install experiences and excellent performance gains I took some time out to install it this evening. After the 93MB download, I can report one more smooth installation and a rather nice performance boost. The first thing I checked out was Safari passing the Acid 2 Test. Not only does Safari pass that web standards mile stone in this latest version, but it definitely feels snappier than it has in the past---which is no mean feat. The application I was most worred about was I'm very picky about the way my mail is recieved and stored, probably because---after BBEdit---it's the app I spend the most time using on a day-to-day basis. All my plugins, inlcuding Mail.appetizer, Mail Tagsare still working perfectly. Everything is Rosy with the world, so if you've been waiting for a few glowing endorsements of this upgrade then here's another one you can add to the list.