Multimap Open API

30 May 2007

At the risk of going overboard with posts about maps, there’s a couple of other things that came out of Multimap this week that I want to mention.

Yesterday saw the release of the Multimap Open API, a JavaScript interface to much of Multimap’s core mapping functionality, and the power behind mapping on sites such as

The exciting thing about this version however is that it’s available to developers for use in mash-ups and other non-commercial projects. If you want to have a play with it, go sign-up for a key and take a look at some of the documentation.

In the final piece of map related news, John McKerrell, a lead engineer on the above mentioned API, has knocked together a neat bookmarklet which allows you to embed Open Street Map maps into the new Multimap website. This means you can get the richness of Multimap’s geocoding, routing, and useful information search on top of the OSM map tiles.

With Multimap being a sponsor of OSM, whose to say you won’t see this feature embedded into the site in the near future. It would be a great way to deliver the OSM concept, and indeed the data, to the mainstream.