Multimap raster maps

27 May 2007

One of my favourite features of the new Multimap website is the different varieties of map data you can pull into the map viewer. Rather than just one layer of rendered vector data seen on many web-based maps, Multimap allows you to select from various other data sets depending on your location.

For example, if you’re a born-and-bred Londoner like me, you’re probably familiar with the magnificent A-Z style maps from Collins Bartholomew. These have always been available on the web from various sites, but seeing them in all their slippy glory on a high resolution monitor is a truly glorious sight.

My other favourite is the classic pink Land Ranger OS maps favoured by walkers and cyclists across Britain. Take a look at this area of the Lake District and try swapping between the data types to see exactly the kind of extra detail the raster maps give you.

To check if there are other map data-sets available in your area you can hover over the map button at the top left of the map. If data is available a small pop-out preview will appear which you can select to change the map style. The UI’s not perfect, and there’s probably a better way to expose this feature, but we’re working on that.