New Wordpress Blog

24 May 2004

Finally got my act together and got myself a blog! This is something I've been meaning to do for about the last four years, but of course it always gets pushed to the bottom of the list. Well, work must be slow... ahem, because I found a free day to set it up. Actually, to be fair, I did a lot of the work yesterday; and this afternoon has been taken up with installing and customizing WordPress. I say customise. It's more a kind of wild hacking at any piece of code I can understand. Quite satisfying though, and something is slowly being pieced together. Having never used an out-of-the-box CMS before, I have been more than pleasantly surprised by the ease with which I have got a version of WP up and running. It really is a 5 minute install, and the code it produces slips into my CSS like a wide-boy into a Volkswagon Golf. Clearly the left sided navigation bar is not in quite a finished state; but hey, this is a personal site, right? I think I'll work on it a little by little over the coming days, when work gets tiresome. Anyway, I hope people are kind to me during my introduction to the blogging world. Speak soon.