Password Problems

09 June 2004

Here's a good one! This afternoon, I managed to post a rather sensitive password on to a very busy community's web forum. A forum, that many WordPressusers may well be familiar with actually, as you're all very busy on it. Anyhow, after a 30 minute password recovery project - involving a quick visit to a server admin panel, ftp clients, and the like - I popped back to the 'forum' to see exactly what, in my stupidity, I had done. Perhaps it's just me , but there is something about the login interfacethat is slightly confusing. It seems a little tied up with the whole 'new post' thing. Maybe it could be moved above the 'new topic' <h2>, or perhaps to the bottom near the submit button. May suggest it to Matt. What's ironic of course, was that I was already logged in - hence the message being posted - and didn't even need to enter any passwords.