Pizza Parlour Open for Business

18 April 2005

With the massive number of visits I receive from the Google search phrase arsenal vs man utd fight, I feel it is only my duty to provide my readers with a preview of the next installment of this increasingly fucked up fixture. Well for a start, couldn't you have just guessed it? The season when Chelsea sweep all before them to one side, and the two next best teams (and biggest rivals) in the land meet in the FA Cup Final: their one remaining chance of silverware this season. This could be messy. No... seriously. The media hype is going to be huge, and if I have one word of advice about coverage to avoid it's the complete crop of cretins that make up the Radio 5 Live team. I understand that a match can suffer from a media frenzy, but what we don't need is: 30 minutes of interview with some ex ref about controlling 'dangerous animal' players; Alan Green and a bunch of mindless ex footballers (er, Rob Lee springs to mind) chanting. "Well Patrick Vieira, what a player". "Oh, fabulous player, Alan. Got it all. The complete midfielder, Patrick Vieira". "Very true, Patrick Vieira, the complete midfielder. Fabulous... ummm... player". "Don't forget Roy Keane though, Alan". Oh, Roy Keane, fabulous player is Roy Keane... The complete mid...", Bollocks. Getting back on track however, this is a huge game for both clubs. They've had the better of us three times this season. Twice in the league and also in the League Cup. They can't want it more than us. It's gonna be tense, nail-biting, shit-yer-pants type stuff. I can't wait. Although our record against them this season looks bad, a big part of the Final will come down to who we have available. It's no secret we've been unlucky with injuries this season, particularly with the likes of Campbell and Gilberto out for so long. I think if we have a core of Campbell, Vieria, Gilberto and Henry fit for this match then that will prove too strong for the best United have got. Unless Rooney's on form. He is such a huge player for them. United at times this season have been playing pretty shit football - and although they'll moan about the loss of Ferdinand for so long, the truth is that some of their midfield organisation, strength, and guile just seems to have gone AWOL. But Rooney can change a match in seconds. His physical strength seems extraordinary for someone just 18, and his pure skill and talent combined with this bullish detemination makes him probably the best English footballer I can remember (except for Lineker, who will always have a special place in my heart, despite fratanizing with the scumfor a few seasons). So I hope the little bastard gets himself sent off early on.