Please, no more pathetic mint analogies

08 September 2005

I even admit to making one myself in Mike's comments, but now I'm just sick of it. Having a Mint?Mint-rosoft, Mint-Thousand-And-One: A Stats Oddyssey, The Mint Parade. I wonder how long that little lot, combined, took to think up? And that's just a few of them! However, Mintdoes look good. The hype is getting to me, and I kind of want to buy it, despite having Shaun's ShortStat already installed on a few sites. I don't really see what it does that ShortStat doesn't, but I'm almost inclined to feel I should have payed for ShortStat in the first place, so maybe this is a way of giving something back. One thing's for sure, however: I won't be making any pseudo-comedy puns about tangy confectionary, fragrant herbs, or how Shaun's gonna make a mi... bit of cash. I recently took part in a questionnaire entitled: Which puns convince you that the author is of outstanding intellect? Of the ten puns presented to the participants, no pun in ten did.