03 February 2005

I've used Skypeas an IM client a few times now and have been impressed. Haven't had much of a chance to give it a real work out on that front yet, but this evening I did make my first PC to phone call, and to say I'm impressed is quite an understatement. As it says when you load up the client side app... "It just works". Having got my 10 Euro of credit from my credit card, I then took the following steps to make the phone call.
  1. Typed the number into the little box
  2. Clicked the green button
In less than 2 seconds the phone was ringing, and within another 5 the missus had picked up and that was that. I didn't make any mention to the fact I was not using my phone for the call, and she didn't pick up on any funny caller ID. Actually, she tends to dismiss anything I get remotely excited about 'computer wise' so I decided to keep stum. Anyway, after a pleasant three minute call I hung up with a true sense of satisfaction. I will definitely be using this a lot, especially when international calls to the US are concerned. The cost is still 1.1p per minute, which is superb, and beats BT rates by... well, a lot. Only two downpoints to tonights call though. Firstly, the call was to her mobile phone, so was slightly more expensive than the 1p per minute to a landline, and secondly I now have to go and pick her up from the station.