Slight Concerns regarding the test sIFR on this site and various bits of line length questioning

09 January 2005

Final Update: I've finished my tampering with this for now, and am confident it is infallible everywhere you look. Even Netscape 7 and early Mozilla's are playing now. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for your help.
Yes, I have a stats package, and I am aware that my current readership here is, well... quite low. However, I hope to get at least a few replies. This is the question: Can you see (if you have the Flash playerinstalled and Javascript enabled), three flash replacements at the top of this page? The first saying 'Some Worries', 'Slight Concerns', the second showing the date, and the third requesting 'Can I ask a favour?'. Yes or no? Please comment below with details of operating system and browser if possible. I thought I had this pretty much sussed, and tested pretty much everywhere, but today I got a frustrating shock when I decided to show a friend the new design at his place. The top title was nowhere to be seen. Stupidly, in my anxiety I forgot to note the browser and OS exactly. I know it was Opera on Windows, but apart from that... nothing to go on. Incidentally, I don't want this to turn in to a comment farce about the pros and cons of sIFR and indeed Flash. I'm not actually interested in that - heard it all before. All I am interested in knowing is whether these replacements are working for you. Cheers.