Sony Ericsson D750 Mobile Phone

15 September 2005

I don't really follow the mobile phone market. I can't even tell you the model of my last Nokia, except that it was a long thin grey one, and when I got it I'd never heard of Bluetooth and I still thought WAP was really cool. Anyway, when it came time to upgrade my phone, instead of looking into all the options properly and really getting a handle on the market, I just popped over to Andy Budd's site to see what phone he'd most recently bought. If there's someone I trust when it comes to choosing the latest gagedtry, it is Andy. And he'd made all the tough usablity vs. style vs. functionality decisionssome time ago, so who was I to question it. It's a little bit of a departure for me becuase I've been using Nokias for about the last 5 years, so it's going to take me a bit of time to really get used to the software, particularly the predictive text, which is so different it's driving me crazy. One of the other reasons the Sony Ericsson models were appealing to me was how well they sync with OS X. As I said earlier I don't follow mobile phone technology very closely, so here is a list of things I'm genuinely chuffed my phone can do, as I've never done anything like it before. That's the pick of the bunch for me. I quite like the camera too, and it will definitely increase the number of photos I post to Flickrover the next few weeks, which should be fun. The only thing I think it's missing is an AM band radio. The FM works really well, but when I listen to radio it's invariably for the sport of BBC Five, or Capital Gold. Still, it's a small complaint. One final thing I should mention is this terrific little web site called It's dedicated to hints, tips, software, themes & more for Apple Mac, iSync & SonyEricsson users, and it's been a real lifeline in helping me get everything syncing nicely with OS X.