The Dredge v2.0

28 December 2004

Welcome to the re-design. Well more than a re-design: more of a re-launch. I am now proudly powered by Wordpress1.3. This version is still not in beta, so before you rush off to download it be aware that it is not quite ready for public consumption yet. I was intrested in testing some of its new features and thought the the redesign of this place was as good a place as any to give it a spin.
Update: Okay, it seems I am actually using WP 1.5 Alpha 6. I'm more cutting edge than I ever could have imagined... (I'll be using sIFRnext). The development team appear to have bounced the version number up from 1.3 to 1.5. I wonder why?
For anyone subscribed to feeds here, my apologies for the hideous mess you will have experienced this evening. I have no doubt that there are better ways of implementing a site wide CMS and CSS update, but live editing felt so much more exciting. Version 2.0 has been christened Dockshite and nods to a building in Docklands, London, that I spent a bit of time in leading up to Christmas. It was tall, minimalist, and very shiny. All the graphics come from one photo taken in a glass lift. Incidentally, if anyone has strong feelings about some of the content that has gone missing from The Dredge, drop me a lineand I will port some of it in to the new database. If not, I won't bother because I'm not really missing it.