The Fuss about Gmail

26 June 2004

Strangely, I picked up a Gmailinvite just as a few bloggers were beginning to ask what all the fuss was about. As most people rightly pointed out, most of the fuss over Gmail centers around the fact that you can't actually get one yet. Google have cunningly tapped into a human drive that is with us from the day we are born until the day we die. The desire to want something we can't have. Now we all have Gmail, (and if anyone does not, I may - depending on when you are reading this post - be able to help you out with an invite) are we still mad keen on it, and is anyone actually using it? My initial thoughts on the Gmail service is that it's good, but I can't yet see what advantages - apart from the 1GB storage - it holds over Hotmail or Yahooservices. Gmail are pinning all their hopes on the way it is marketed. In their words, 'Gmail is different'. They are massively plugging the 1GB of storage of course, but there is also the search facility, and the feature of showing messages in context as conversations. If Gmail does become successful it will be because these features catch the imagination of the public, and not because it is a superior email service to others. My new Gmail address is [email protected]