The State of London Transport

16 January 2005

If you live in the UK you will constantly hear people moaning about public transport. It's just something that the British do. We sit down to tea and scones, perhaps comment on the rain or the recent football results, but before long the topic of conversation will turn to the state of London Transport. With that in mind: allow me to indulge my national weakness. I will spare you the details of exactly what I was up to this weekend and get down to the nitty gritty.
  1. Hampton Court - London Waterloo: No trains from Hampton Court, required a 20 minutes 'rail replacement bus' (remember this term - it will be cropping up from time to time) to Tolworth followed by 25 minute wait for train to Waterloo. Add approx. 1 hour to journey time.
  2. London Waterloo - Bond Street: A simple jaunt up the Jubilee line, rendered impossible as all Jubilee line trains are cancelled due to 'planned engineering' (another term to look out for). Requires re-routing on the Bakerloo line to Oxford Circus and a 10 minute walk to Bond Street. Add approx. 15 minutes to journey time.
  3. Baker Street - Preston Road: Should be a simple 3 stop express(ish) tube to Preston Road. But... no Metropolitan line due to 'planned engineering' and no Jubilee line on the same route (see No.2.) Requires 'rail replacement bus' to Neasdon, and change to another 'rail replacement bus' to Wembley Park, and a 15 minute walk to Preston Road. Add approx. 1 hour 15 minutes to journey time.
  1. Preston Road - Baker Street: Bizarrely, things aren't as obvious as a simple reverse of point No.3 above. This requires a 'rail replacement bus' to Wembley Park (which yes, I could have walked, but I was under the erroneous impression that it was taking me all the way to Baker Street) and then a second 'rail replacement bus' to Baker Street. Add approx. 45 minutes
  2. Paddington - Ealing Broadway (and return): No problems here at all! What a joy.
  3. Baker Street - Leicester Square: No Jubilee line to Piccadilly of course, so I thought "sod this", and walked it. Add approx. 30 minutes to journey time.
  4. Covent Garden - Waterloo: Northern Line - no problem.
  5. Waterloo - Hampton Court: See Saturday point No. 1 - reverse it. Add approx. 30 minutes to journey time.
Now, I think that allows for a litte rant on your blog, right? Okay, I'm off to bloglinesto see what the heck is going on.