Using hcards in your blog

24 June 2005

A little searching round for something to parse my hcard implementation in the comments has turned up this rather nifty bit of kit. X2V from the URL of a web page and searches the mark-up for any hcards contained in it. It then generates a handy vcard file with everyone's details and allows you to insert them into your address book. This is a really simple way to add the details of people who are commenting on your blog. For example I tested it out on the entry before this one, and immediately I had Jonathan Snook's name and URL to add to my address book. I already had Rob's and Pete's details in the address book so I chose to automatically discard them as duplicates. I think I've actually found quite a useful reason for marking up commentors details with hcards. I wasn't aware of any tools around at the moment that could parse hcards as efficiently as this, and it makes you think of the power of these things in the future. How about a little browser plugin that identifies hcards on a web page automatically and asks if you want to add them to your address book? The possiblities are pretty thought provoking. No wonder all this excitement over Microformats.