Viral marketing gone horribly, horribly wrong

30 September 2005

I wouldn't normally write about something like this, but my asides don't work, and this deserves attention. I read, as do probably a number of you, Tom Coates' blog. This means I have been following the story of him contacting his father for the first time. Some weeks ago he received a letter from his father. The first contact between them ever. He wrote about this on his blog in the same honest, natural way he always does. A few people left comments. One person left this comment:
"Hi Tom, Always remember one thing. Life is very, very short and nothing is worth limiting yourself from seeing the ones you love. I hadn't seen my father in 15 years until 2 years ago. I was apprehensive but I kept telling myself that no matter how estranged we'd become there was no river to wide to cross. Drop me a line if I can be of any more help. Cheers, Barry"
Barry, thouroughly nice chap that he appears to be, is a marketing vehicle for Cillit Bang. What the buggery fuck is the world coming too.